Intermediate (Level 2)

Timbales – Güiro – Maracas – Congas – Campana
Perfecting the conga and masacote technique. Constantly repeating and perfecting all the material we learned in Level 1.

  • Stick technique: First contact and exercises with the timbale sticks that we will use to play the timbales.
  • Timbales: Getting to know the different parts of the Timbales: Cáscara, Mambo bel, Cha cha bel and tambores macho and hembra.
  • Cáscara pattern learning to play clave in 3+2 and 2+3
  • Mambo bell pattern in clave 3+2 and clave 2+3
  • Play chacha bell pattern
  • Learn to play Abanico techniques
  • Learn to play Guiro
  • Maracas variations
  • Playing together: (Percussion combo on) Congas, Timbales, Güiro and Maracas and Campana