About us

We are a culture and educative organization dedicated to the promotion of the Afro-Latin music throughout percussion lessons, workshops, bootcamps, festivals and other events. Our due is to teach children, youth and adults to discover their artistic potential by exploring the sound of different instruments and help people to get close to the roots of music. We are located in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Den Bosch. Our program aims different age groups.

Children program: We are approaching the children by developing musical activities in cooperation with primary schools as part of their extra curricular program. This course takes place 1 or 2 times a week depending on amount of students & budget from the school. We are teaching the students how to listening, how to perform different instruments and how to play together in order to create a piece of music as group. We organize a performance with the children at the end of the school year, so they can share with their fellows and parents what they learned in de percussion classes. Besides the music programs we develop in schools we are teaching weekly percussion classes for those children who’s their schools do not have this music program so they still have the chance to discover, explore and develop their musical potential and understand how important and how involved the rhythm is in every thing we do in life.

Youth Percussion Program: In this case the best scenario are all high schools. So we are going to offer a cooperation program on the same way we did with the primary schools but we are going to work together with Youth centers and other organizations concerned with the health, participation and social development of the youth because this’s is the most fragile group in our society with a very big problematic. Development of their identity, acceptation in their environment, alcohol, drugs, sex. Lot of youth have problems with the expectations of society and the go against every rule, norm, etc. The music in general and specially the percussion is a very good way to lose the stress, aggressive and helps people to get focus, to listening and to develop a rhythm within playing an instrument but as well to develop routine in our life.

Adults program: We have different possibilities for adults who want to extend their cultural horizons. we are teaching classes in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Den Bosch for beginners, intermediate, advanced level and music ensemble project. These courses are a trajected to get people ready to perform, to share and special to have more value for the music and the cultural heritage. Something very interesting in this activities is the diversity of cultural and ethnic background of the participants and the different stages.