Beginners (Level 1)

Congas – Claves – Maracas – Campana

Introduction to Latin Percussion

  • Clave: Getting to know the clave 3+2 and the clave 2+3 Learn to play clave.
  • Exercises with the clave, and learning to play different salsa songs on the correct clave.
  • Congas: First contact with the Conga. Learn to play different playing techniques and sounds: open tone, muffled or “muffle tone”, bass tone, tip, and slap tone.
  • Exercises on the congas: Different combinations of tones and tempos. Learn to play the Masacote technique on the conga.
  • Rhythms on the congas: Son Montuno and Bolero learn to play the congas.
  • Maracas: Get acquainted with maracas and learn to play the basic rhythm.
  • Campana (bell): Getting to know the campana (hand bell), and learning to play the campana pattern, as in clave 3+2 and clave 2+3.