Mastering Percussion

The purpose of the course is to improve the knowledge of teachers, advance dancers and people who are starting to discover the salsa rhythm. Since the percussion is the heart beat of the salsa, all dance teachers should know the salsa Tumbao and have the knowledge to play the clave (3/2 and 2/3) the conga salsa basic pattern and be able to explain the clave to their students.

Throughout this course you will prepare yourself for learning a specific instrument like claves, campana, güiro, bongos, congas and timbales. We provide the instruments during the lessons. 

We are offering 4 different levels and every level has 8 classes of 90 minutes.

Additional Services

BOOTCAMPS: This’s a 4 hours total immersion experience in how to play Latin percussion including timing, rhythms, use of the instruments, execution of the instruments, exercises to improve your musical skills and a tutorial of the instrument you are learning .

Bootcamp fee: €50